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Deko Ink is one of the leading producers of printed labels in Macedonia.

The company Deko Ink originally began as a family business in 1988 specialized for fabric labels, exclusively for textile industry. It offers a wide range of labels for different industries and purposes.

Deko Ink supply the complete range of products consisting of multi-color labels, labels with variable data, seat-belts labels, bar-code labels, security labels. Through the years our capacity raised up to 1.500.000 labels per day. Combining various label-printing technologies Deko Ink meets the requirements of the most demanding clients. At Deko Ink we are introducing new products and hearing new ideas daily, making the company flexible towards the market requirements. We provide printed labels in very small quantity, as well as million copies, within reasonably short time. Our solutions cover various demanding applications in the offices as well as in industry.

Deko Ink besides the label production provides converting, consulting, and offers a range of repro-materials and machinery.

On 02.05.2013 Deko Ink was sertified by the Economic Chamber of Macedonia with the Excellent SME Macedonia certificate.